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A persistent problem in today’s global cities like NYC is the jumble of freight deliveries hitting our roads, sidewalks, and even bike lanes. This rise in freight delivery runs in parallel with a nearly 105% increase in commuting cyclist in the last 5 years, according to the NYC DOT.

The Blocked Bike Lanes project, a collaboration between ourselves and STAE, a community of urbanists, technologist and designers,  is an experiment in uniting disparate data sets to take the problem from a fresh point of view. 

NYC’s 311 dataset of blocked bike lanes features nearly 10,000 reports in the last 3 years. Despite this only 57 summons were issued. We saw this an opportunity and took to Twitter to find a community of bike commuters providing real-time information of current bike lane conditions. A big cluster of those complaints happened to be in jam-packed Lower East Side.

Up next in 2019, a workshop, machine-vision algorithm run on street cameras, and an exhibit.

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