This workshop was held at IDB headquarters on November 9, 2016 from 10am to 2pm, convened by the IDB and Bits and Atoms.

The purpose of the workshop was to build on the recent research effort on Big Data and Urban Governance sponsored by IDB’s Housing and Urban Development Division. This work, conducted during the summer of 2016, resulted in the creation of a big data maturity model for urban governance. The workshop provided an opportunity for external review of this work by peer researchers, identified in the course of our literature review, who are developing and using urban data maturity models in other geographic and institutional contexts. The workshop also provided an opportunity to tap this group for advice and insight on IDB’s future efforts in this area, including the design of a data innovation lab in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as well as further guidance on how to refine and improve the IDB data maturity model.

A central question that was posed to all participants during this workshop: Is it possible to have a strong buy-in of data driven decision making without having a strong mayor backing the cause or someone in power trying to link these outcomes to their success?

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