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Arup Group Ltd. is the world’s leading built environment design and engineering consultancy. Over a three-year period we worked with the firm’s executive education program, Arup University, to develop and deliver an week-long module on smart cities planning and design. In 2014 (Barcelona) and 2015 (Copenhagen), we provided a day-long series of lectures and small group exercises providing on a broad overview of smart cities technologies, issues and emerging opportunities.

In the module’s final offered year, we designed the entire curriculum for a week-long immersion on-site in Singapore focused on smart city master planning. The program included presentations and critique of student studies of smart city master plans, site visits and consultants with Singaporean smart city policymakers, several lectures provided by us on relevant areas of practice and research, and a personal forecasting exercise designed to focus students on creating career opportunities and future business for the firm related to smart cities.

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