digital master planning

mart cities work best when they are built by engaged citizens from the bottom-up, but creating the conditions for these efforts to succeed requires careful preparation, planning and design.

We believe strongly that planning is a tool for preserving human values and ethics in an age of rapid technological change. Our goal is to help you use it effectively to balance the need for caution with the need for development and innovation.

We have worked on a variety of district-scale urban development projects over the last 20 years in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America helping clients in the real estate industry and government understand how emerging technologies impact the citymaking process.

To these and future efforts, we bring a wealth of knowledge on the full variety of efforts around the world to develop smart cities, living labs, innovation districts and urban testbeds.

Together with our partners, we have also prototyped new strategies and ideas for digital urban placemaking, blended digital-physical environments, and interactive services.

recent work


What is Digital Master Planning? In April 2019, I spoke at the University of Arkansas by invitation of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development. I stopped by local NPR affiliate KUAF to explain how digital master planning can help cities big and small. (listen)


Comparative Case Studies. With support from NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management, we took a systematic look at how a growing group of global cities have begun to develop comprehensive, long-range planning methods for a cross-cutting range of strategic issues raised by digital technology.


Executive Education. We worked with a leading architecture, engineering, and planning firm to bring a group of young leaders through in-field training and develop strategies for new lines of business.


Re-inventing the Science Park. We spent three years immersed in the international science and technology parks community, working with leaders to map assets, gaps and strategies for future-proofing tech-based economic development strategies.

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