We help smart cities think for themselves.

Bits and Atoms is a network of urbanists and technologists who work with clients in industry, government, and the non-profit sector to create the conditions for smart cities to flourish organically, by design.

We do this by using foresight, scenario thinking, and digital inclusion as the keys to urban innovation.

automated vehicles

We track and analyze hundreds of pilots and projects around the world to understand how cities can respond to the opportunities and challenges of the driverless revolution.

digital master planning

Smart cities work best when they are built by engaged citizens from the bottom-up, but creating the conditions for these efforts to succeed requires careful preparation, planning and design.

scenarios + foresight

Our foresight research has challenged and inspired leaders in the public and private sector to think big, long-term, and collaborate around society-scale problems where technology can make a difference.

urban data

We use open data, open source software, unlicensed networks, and low-cost-hardware to engage potential users, define needs, design, prototype and scale bottom-up civic technology solutions.

More Than 20 Years of Impact

We develop close working relationships with clients, partners, collaborators and fellow travelers spanning a range of public, private and non-profit organizations. We measure our success by the appeal of our ideas, the actions they inspire and shape, and the measurable impact on how cities thrive day to day.

We have been at it for nearly two decades. Use the images at right to explore some of our most impactful work.

Dr. Townsend at the British Insurance Brokers Association annual meeting in Manchester (May 2017)

A Global Network of Expertise

Bits and Atoms is headquartered in New York City, and operates worldwide. Our network of affiliates offer expertise in urban research, urban planning, urban design, economic impact assessment, data science, GIS, strategic design, architectural design, and more.

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Dr. Anthony Townsend

An internationally-recognized expert on the future of cities and information technology, Anthony is the author of SMART CITIES, founder of Bits and Atoms, and leads our work on autonomous vehicles and digital master planning. (more)

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