The smart city is a work in progress.

We've only just begun. There are 570,000 local governments around the world. But only 2,500 are pursuing smart city projects. And a mere 145 in the United States are committed to building gigabit broadband. Just a handful are doing it strategically. Most are flying by the seat of their pants. Everywhere we look, we find cities that are just starting to grapple with the challenges of digital technology. A pioneering vanguard of cities are leading the way. But what can they teach the rest of us?

We work with clients in industry, government, and the non-profit sector to create the conditions for smart cities to flourish organically, by design. Our approach emphasizes foresight, unconventional approaches to economic development, social capital analytics, and digital inclusion as keys to enabling urban innovation.

Sources: CityMart, Huawei, Next Century Cities

We help smart cities think for themselves.

Economic Strategy

Our knowledge of the full variety of global efforts to develop smart cities, living labs, innovation districts and urban testbeds provides a wealth of research to draw upon for any planning or policymaking effort.

Digital Planning + Design

Smart cities work best when they are built by engaged citizens from the bottom-up, but creating the conditions for these efforts to succeed requires careful preparation, planning and design.

Forecasting + Scenarios

Forecast and trend research provides an outside-in view of an entire field, and can provoke and inform strategic discussions in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Executive Education

We provide structured learning experiences for a variety of purposes, from development for young leaders to immersive strategy creation for senior officials.

Our Partners and Clients

Our work involves close working relationships with a number of clients, partners, collaborators and fellow travellers spanning a range of public, private and non-profit organizations.
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Aspen Institute
Institute for the Future


We measure our success by the appeal of our ideas, the actions they inspire and shape, and the measurable impact on how cities thrive day to day. Explore some of our most impactful work over the last 15 years.